Using passwords and logins for StreamText.Net events

StreamText.Net allows you a number of methods to secure your event. To access these features just go to the security tab when you are scheduling an event. Below is a screenshot of that section.

Notice for Chrome: You will need to make sure the link you provide your customers starts with HTTPS if you are using an event password or requiring your customers to log in. Chrome will display a warning to your users if they are on an HTTP link.



Security Tab Features:

  • Set Event Password - To password protect and event you can just enter any combination of characters including spaces to set. This will require all participants to enter this password in order to view the realtime. Note: This will also Force HTTPS delivery! This means you will need to make sure you sent the link to your customers with an HTTPS at the start of the link. Here is an example:
  • Require Customer to log in - This option can be used in combination with the event password or by itself. When this option is selected users will be asked to enter their customer email address and password. Users are added to an event via the customers and notifications tab. To create customers you just enter them under the customer menu in the right hand menu. Note: This feature also requires HTTPS delivery just like setting the event password.
    • How to add a customer to an event. There are two options
      • Regular Streamtext Customer - These are users you add to your organization using the customer tab. You add them to the event by going to the Customers and Notifications tab and typing the first few letters of their name. Select it and it will add the user to the account. See the x next to the customer name.Screen_Shot_2020-08-13_at_4.34.51_PM.png
      • OAuth - Google Account authentication - You can also require a customer to login with their google account. To add a google customer just enter the email address in the customer box. You will then click on it and it will add just like the customer but with the email address instead.
        Note: If you wish to allow all users from a specific domain access to an event, you can use the '*' wildcard character in the email address. For example, to allow all users and access, the email address you would enter is '*'.
  • Disable standard web player - If you are streaming to Zoom, YouTube or Adobe Connect and you do not want users to access the regular web based player then you will want to select this. Once selected the event will only stream to external applications and not to StreamCast or our standard web player.
  • Limit Analitics For GDPR - Removed Google analitics  tracking for your event
  • Retain Transcript - When this option is selected the transcript will be saved on the StreamText servers. By default this is turned off but if you want to have the default set to retain all of your transcripts you will want to go to the main StreamText menu and select Organization Profile. If you click on edit you will have the option to set this to default on. Once saved you then have the ability to edit and export the transcript and timecode files.
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