StreamText.Net Live Captions for Webex

StreamText.Net Live Captions for Webex is an embedded application that allows you to view the StreamText.Net caption player directly in Webex meetings, messaging, or a a stand alone sidebar application.

Getting Started

  • To use StreamText.Net Live Captions in a Webex meeting, the presenter must have a Webex account.
  • The presenter searches for "StreamText" in the Webex App Hub and selects the StreamText.Net Live Captions embedded application and click on "Open".

    Example of selecting application to open
  • When the embedded application opens for the presenter they will have to provide the name of the StreamText.Net event to view the captions for.

    Example of the initiator screen the presenter sees
  • After supplying the name of the event, they click on "Open for all" and the embedded application is loaded in all participants meeting windows and the caption player is displayed.

    Example after entering the event name

    Example caption player that the meeting users see


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