Using the Caption Stream Pod with Adobe Connect

Pricing for using this pod is 20/cents min total which includes all streaming costs

This caption pod for Adobe Connect was developed exclusively by StreamText.Net for our customers that demand a higher quality option. The Caption StreamPod has a number of features such as word for word streaming, search, annotations and notes, multi-language and much more. Below are the instructions to install and steam to an Adobe Connect meeting using this pod. Also attached to this article is the latest version of the pod if you wish to download it.


  1. A version of the caption pod is attached to this forum. Download if you need to add it to your connect room.
  2. Schedule event in StreamText.Net with Caption Stream enabled.Screen_Shot_2014-07-18_at_11.02.22_AM.png 
  3. To connect to the event it will need to be "Live". 
  4. You can also schedule the event directly from the pod. That will be covered in step 9.
  5. Log into Adobe Connect. You will need to be a host in order to see the connection tab to connect to the realtime stream.Below is a screenshot of the caption pod in an Adobe Connect meeting room.
  6. Click on Connection tab and enter your StreamText login and click on submit.

  7. Once you are logged in you will see the organizations you are a member of to the right. Just select the one you want to use for this session.OrgSelect.png
  8. If an event was scheduled in StreamText.Net with the Caption Stream Pod enabled you will see that event listed. Otherwise you can schedule the event directly from the pod.
    1. Make sure you have entered your streamtext login credentials and pick the organization you want to schedule the event under
    2. Click on Schedule Event

    3. Enter the details for the event
    4. Click create event 
    5. You will get a confirmation popup if successful
    6. Close that window
    7. Click on the refresh button next to the event listing to show the new event.

  9. Select the event.
  10. Click on Connect. You will see a yellow triangle on the connection tab. Note you will be able to see the captions but the participants will not.
  11. Select the broadcast check box. You will now have a green checkbox next to the connection tab.Connected.png
  12. Click on the Transcript tab to view the caption stream.
  13. For details on the features in the caption pod please review here
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