StreamText.Net Quick Start Guide

StreamText.Net Quick Start Guide

There are a few steps to complete to be able to stream your first event. If you have not created your account you will need to complete this first by going to and completing the form.  The list below is a step by step guide to get you connected and streaming your first event.

Step #1: Download and install Connector Application

StreamText.Net offers a free connector application that allows you to connect and write to the service.  Just review the following steps and to install and use the connector. Please review the steps in this document to complete this step.

Step #2: Log-in to StreamText.Net and schedule an event 
Now that you can connect and send your output to StreamText.Net you are now ready to create an event so users can view your realtime/captions.
  1. Go to and click the "Sign-In" link in the upper right hand corner. Enter the email address and password that you used when you created the account. If you forget your email address this page also has a forgot email link which will send you the current password.
  2. After sign-in is complete, click on the "Schedule Event" link that should now be available on left menu.  
  3. Many of the fields are options. To get started you only need to assign an event name, the writer for the event and the parsing format. Your parsing format needs to match the output from your writing software. We support Case View, ANSI, Closed Caption and Typewell formats. If you are using the application window the parsing format is Standard Text.
  4. Complete the form for scheduling the event and click "Create Event".

Step #3: Connecting to event

  1. Start the connector and click the “Connect and Write” button
  2. Start your realtime file in your writing/captioning software.
  3. Make sure you the connector status shows you are connected to the server and that your com ports or local tcp connection is true. If not recheck your settings to make sure you have them correct.
  4. Leave connector running while your event is active.
  5. Login to StreamText.Net
    1. Start your event if it has not automatically started. There will be a green arrow next to the event status that you can click to start the event early if necessary.
    2. Once the status is live you can view the event by clicking on the watch event icon under “Actions” to the right of the event listing.
    3. Notice the URL for the event. You can email this to your customers to view the event. It will always follow this format'Scheduled event name'. Just replace scheduled event name with the event name you have used when you scheduled the event.

What if I have Problems or Questions?
If you do have problems or questions, please submit a ticket by clicking on the link below and we'll follow-up with you to help finish your set-up process. We also have a 24/7 support number 608-234-4759 for urgent support needs.

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