Extracting the transcript and timed text file post event

Extracting the transcript and timed text file post event

How to create time coded files for on demand replay of web video
StreamText creates time coded files of all events that are written.  These documents are available for 5 days after the completion of the event.  During this time, you can download these files using theTimed Text Editor application.  Click here to download and install the Timed Text Editor application.

Note: Only users that have access to the event through StreamText will be able to download the timed text document.  Users that don't have a StreamText login or don't have a login to the organization that wrote the document will not be able to access the document.

Step #1: Download the file

In the Timed Text Editor application
  • Select "File / Open From Web..."
  • Enter your email address, password 
  • Select the organization if you are associated with more than one
  • Click on the find event button at the bottom of the box
  • Select the date the event was run
  • From the list of event just select the event you want to upload and click the ok button.
  • The file will now be loaded into the editor. 
Step #2: Create entries with more words (optional)

StreamText is very granular about the amount of data that is stored for each timed entry.  Sometimes it's too granular for your needs and you need to get more words available per entry.  To accomplish this using the Timed Text Editor
  • Select "File / Consolidate Entries..."
  • In the dialog box, select the number of words you want per entry
  • Click the Ok button
Step #3: Adjust the timestamps to line up with media beginning

One of the most critical functions of preparing a document for on demand replay is to get the timed text entries to line up with the media file.  You'll need to know when the first text should start showing up.  Based on that value, you'll need to adjust all of the entries in the file to start at that point.  To accomplish this using the Timed Text Editor
  • Select "File / Adjust Timecodes ..."
  • Select the direction of the adjustment.  Up means to add time to the entries.  Down means subtracting time from the entries.
  • Select which entries to adjust.  For this example, select "All"
  • Specify the adjustment value in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds
  • Click the Ok button
Step #4: Extract file to the needed format

After you've properly adjusted the timed entries to start at the appropriate place, you'll need to save the file in the format needed.  To accomplish this is the Timed Text Editor
  • For Real Text format, select "File / Save"
  • For SAMI format, select "File / Create SAMI..."
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