Using the StreamText.Net realtime caption player

Using the StreamText.Net realtime caption player

StreamText.Net is designed to be easy to use for a consumer to view realtime captions. The player is designed to work on any browser and almost any device.  

For JAWS users the player is coded to work with the screen reader. You will want to turn off the scroll which will make it easier to keep the cursor in the text window. 

To use the StreamText.Net caption player.

  1. Click on the link provided. Here is a demonstration link . 
  2. You can adjust colors, fonts, text size from the control panel. Users can increase font size and adjust colors to their preferences for accessibility. 
  3. If the chat is enabled you will see it to the right of the window. To use just enter your name and click on enter chat. Enter text at the bottom once you have entered the chat room and click send.You can send messages privately by selection the name of the participant in the upper right hand corner. 
  4. You can also hid the chat and controls by clicking on the links in the lower right hand side of the browser window.
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