Scheduling and Viewing StreamText Events

Scheduling an event

  1. Go to and click on Login
  2. Click on the Schedule Event link on the left menu
  3. Now set up the event. The fields are listed below
  1. Event Template - This is used for repeat events. A template reduces the amount of work required to set up an event. You can set the event name, duration, writer, parsing format, customers, include chat and the password for the event. There is no limit to the number of event templates you can have. To manage them click on the Event Templates link in the left menu.
  2. Event Name* - This is the name of your event. The rule is you cannot have two events at the same time with the same name. You also cannot use spaces in the name. The name will be used to construct the link for your event. For example the demo event URL is . You will just replace IHaveADream with this event name.
  3. Scheduled Date* - This will default to todays date. This will be the day the event will run.
  4. Scheduled Time* - This is the start time of the event. Your viewers will not be able to view the event until this time. It defaults to the current time.
  5. Time Zone* - This is the timezone in which you will be physically located. It will default to the timezone on your profile.
  6. Duration in minutes* - This is the amount of time your event will run if you connect and write to the event.  This field defaults to sixty min. 
  7. Writer* - The writer who will be providing the service. To manage your writers click on the Staff link in the left hand menu.
  8. Parsing Format* - This format needs to match the output format from your writing application. The most common format is ANSI and this is usually supported by all of the transcription applicaitons on the market. If you have odd characters or formatting that does not look right make sure you check the settings. Case View is required if you are using this for legal proceedings like a deposition.
  1. ANSI
  2. Case View
  3. Case View (Pro Cat)
  4. Closed Caption
  5. Pro Cat WinView
  6. Standard Text ( For the application window on the connector application)
  7. Typewell Parser


  1. Add Customers - This is an optional feature that allows you to use the email notification solution built into streamtext. We have a screen cast that covers them here To add customers just enter the first two letters of their name and a list will appear. To select just click on the name. You will only see customers that you have added under the Customer link in the left menu.
  2. Include Chat - This defaults to selected and will include the chat window in the event player. If you do not need the chat window you can deselect this item.
  3. Watch in Player - Use this to allow users to view in standard StreamText Capiton player it will default to on. This is used to lockdown the realtime feed to Adobe Connect or another platform and not allow users to view using the StreamText link for security.
  4. Watch in Legal Pod - Must be selected to use with StreamText Legal Transcription pod for Adobe Connect. 
  5. Watch in Caption Pod -  Must be selected in order to have captions connect to the StreamText version of the Adobe Connect Caption Pod. This includes the annotation pod and the non-annotation version. Cost is 20/cents min for using this option.
  6. Restrict legal pod to single user - For use with the StreamText Legal Pod for Adobe Connect. This option allows you restrict usage to just one viewer. There is a flat day rate of $60/day when you select this mode vs the per minute pricing. You do have the option to upgrade to multi-viewer at any time.
  7. Allow View Transcript - This defaults to off if you select it the web based player will display a view transcript button. The user can select this and it will copy the text to another browser window that they can save.
  8. Watch in Player - This defaults to on. If this is selected you can watch the realtime text in the web based player. You can deselect this if you do not want users to access this feed. For example if you are using the legal pod you may not offer the realtime text feed outside of Adobe Connect.
  9. Watch in Legal Pod - This defaults to off. If this is selected the realtime text can be viewed in the StreamText Legal pod in Adobe Connect.
  10. Security Options - 
    1. Require Customers to sign in -  Forces customers/viewers to authenticate in order to view realtime. You create customers under the customer menu and add them to the event under Add Customers. During the event and after the event you can see which customers logged into the event and how many times they logged in.
    2. Password Protect - Assigns a global password to the event. When this is selected viewers must enter the password created for this event. You can use this in conjunction with the require customers to sign in feature as well.
  11. Notifications - 
    1. Email writer using - Allows user to select a email template to send the scheduled writer an email when the event is scheduled. You can also add other email addressed below in the Send Copies to: section.
    2. Email customer using - Allows the user to select email template to be used to send customer information about event. You can also all other email addresses in the Send Copies to section.

Viewing an event 

Once an event is live you can view the event here are the instructions to view in both legal and CART/Captioning formats.

  • HTTP Based realtime player - To view you must select "view in player" when you schedule event.
    • Standard CART URL format
      • event name
      • Example
      • replace 'IHaveADream' with event name
    • Legal URL Format
      • event name&player-type=legal
      • Example
      • Replace 'legaldemo' with the scheduled event name
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