StreamText Connection Status Indicator

We are excited to announce a new update for this year to provide better feedback on the users connection status. This will replace the "Event Not Active" message. 

The connection status indicator will allow caption viewers to get more information on the connection with our servers. It also replaces the "Event Not Active" message and will not require users to refresh their browsers to restart a stream. Notice you will not see "Event not active"  but instead their will be a yellow triangle in the lower right hand corner of the page. 

Connection Status Indicator that replaces "Event Not Active" message. To provide more information to StreamText end users on their connection we have added a new icon in the lower right hand corner of the caption player. There are three possible states for the new indicator. You can also get the details of the connection status by mousing over the icon.

    1. Green Check Status Indicator: This is what a normal active event will show when the event is live and the end user is connected to our servers. Below is a screenshot of the indicator.Connection_Status_Indicator__Green_Check_.png
    2. Yellow Triangle Connection Status (replacing event not active): This is used to let the user know there is no active connection with a live event. The player will automatically connect once the event is live. The player will retry the connection and the check will change to green when it connects. There is no need for the user to refresh their browser.Connection_Status_Indicator_Yellow_Triangle_.png
    3. Red Circle Connection Status Indicator : User cannot reach the StreamText.Net servers. Either our servers are not accessible or the internet connection from the client cannot contact StreamText.Net. If the user gets this message they need to check their internet connection.Connection_Status_Red_Circle.png
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