Using StreamText with Webex

We now offer an embedded application StreamText Live Captions that runs inside of any Webex meeting. Now you can easily send captions into any Webex meeting and you get all the features you expect from StreamText. This includes translation and custom viewing options for your captions. 


Notification of color background issues : Currently you need to have your WebEx  Theme set to Dark or any of the Dark options. Otherwise the text in the caption window will be white the same as the background and you will not be able to see the text.  

If this is a problem you can use the Multi-Media viewer in WebEx to share the regular StreamText link. The host will set this up and is just as easy as the app. The reason for the app is the multimedia viewer is being depreciated next year. 

See screenshot below. Note selected Theme is Dark but any of the dark options will work.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 4.53.40 PM.png


How to use StreamText with Webex

  1. The host of the meeting room will first click on the show apps icon in the lower right hand corner of the Webex meeting.
  2. Next enter Streamtext into the search 
  3. Click on StreamText.Net Live Captions
    Enter Event Name.png
  4. Click on View Live Captions
    Open for all.png
  5. Now Click on Open for all at the bottom of the app which will allow any users in the meeting to view the captions.
  6. Users can set their own viewing preferences and select their preferred language if translation is enabled. 
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