Using StreamText Integrated Audio

New Integrated Audio for StreamText.

Now you can get audio directly from the consumer through their web browser, a phone line, or through a SIP connection. 

Cost:  Please note there is an additional cost for using audio services. All audio connections are charged at $0.02/minute

Note: You must use the Chrome browser to get the best results however Safari, Edge, and Firefox are also alternative browsers that should work. Currently IE  do not support the audio connection. 

Note: The prerecorded audio that you hear on hold can be loud. We don't have the ability adjust the volume of the on-hold music so be careful not to set your volume too high until the call is picked up.

1. Schedule Event with audio enabled

First you need to enable the the audio feature you wish to enable when you schedule your event in ST



2. Connect from StreamText Caption Player

When the event is live you connect to the audio through the watch window/ the regular ST link will show a connect button in the upper left hand next to the event name. The client will do the same on their player page.


Also make sure to allow access to your microphone.


3. Starting the call

Before you start the call you may want to select the audio sources. You can select the microphone and the speakers the audio is directed.

Input: Allows you to select the microphone that will be used. This way you can select an external microphone or the laptops built in mic.

Output: You can select the speakers that the audio is received on. This defaults to your internal speakers on the computer.

Start Call : Click on this when you are ready to connect to the call. If there is no-one on the call you will hear music until the other person joins.


4. Hangup

When you are done with the call you or the client can click on Hangup. This will take you back to the start call screen. If you need to change any settings you can also hangup and then click on start call to rejoin.

You will also note you can mute your microphone too by clicking on mute.

Important the mute button will interact with the spacebar if your focus is in the StreamText window. You will notice it will change to Mute if you press the spacebar and you are in the player window. 


5. Event Control

When audio features are enabled, you will see the calls and their status on the event control page.


6: Event Control Manage Calls

If you allow phone or SIP calls, there will be a new button on the Event Control page called "Manage Calls". You can add calls to the conference from this page. Depending on which calls were enabled for the event, you can add phone or SIP calls.

Note: to get the current status of the connections click on "Get Latest Call Details" .



If you get kicked out of a call you can always hangup and rejoin. Also make sure the event is active and running.

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