Requesting credit for events

Requesting credit during onboarding

When you begin using StreamText for the first time it can be a much different workflow than you are used to. To facilitate the initial learning you may request credit for time used for testing and getting comfortable with the platform and scheduling jobs. To request credit during onboarding follow the instructions in the "Process to request credit" section of this document.

Requesting credit after onboarding

StreamText provides the ability to control the duration of your event down to the second. Users can start, stop, or cancel an event at any time to control the costs for the event. Because we provide this level of control, requests for credit after the first month are considered extraordinary and require a significant amount of time on our part to investigate and resolve. An investigation must be done because we incurred the costs of running the event and we will not be reimbursed for those costs so we have to make a decision about whether we are willing to assume those costs without any revenue being generated. To request credit after onboarding, follow the instructions in the "Process to request credit" section of this document.

ASR Credit Process

ASR usage is not refundable except in rare exceptions.  We do not offer free on boarding for ASR usage if you need a demonstration please contact us. If your ASR credit is approved you will be charged 30% of the ASR minutes used and credited for all of the streaming Minutes. Please use the process below to request the credit. 

Process to request credit

Send an email to and with the name and date and total minutes of the events you are requesting credit. Nick will validate the request and reply indicating whether he approves or not. The credits will not be applied unless explicit approval is received from Nick. 

When you scheduled an event in the wrong organization

Since StreamText allows you to be associated with multiple organizations, a situation may arise when you schedule an event with the wrong organization and you wish to have it moved to a different organization. In this scenario you'll need to perform the following steps:

  • Create an email to the owner of the company you are proposing to move the minutes to and 
  • The subject should read "Request to transfer event minutes"
  • The body of the email should include the name, date and time of the event in addition to the number of minutes that you are requesting to have transferred to the other company.

IMPORTANT: In order to complete the transfer, the owner of the company you are requesting transfer to must “reply all” to the email and indicate that they accept the charges.

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