Realtime Caption Pull - API for configurable realtime JSON caption pull from ST

We have developed a service to provide streaming captions that will be delivered one line at a time to the caller. The purpose of this endpoint is to simplify the ingestion of line by line captions for calling systems so they don't need to worry about handling corrections or calculating word and sentence boundaries when determining what constitutes a line of captions.


URL Syntax{{eventName}}&last={{lastPosition}}&length={{lineLength}}&language={{languageCode}}


Parameter Names and Meaning

Name Meaning
event This is the name of the event as scheduled in StreamText. This is the parameter to identify which live event to pull the caption for.
last This is the position in the stream that the last line end occurred. The value given back from the server in the response is the value that should be used in the next request. To get the current position in the stream use a value of `-1`.
length This is the desired number of characters in a single line of captions. This value is optional. If not specified a default value of `32` is assumed.
language The desired language for the captions. If there are multiple languages for the event, this parameter is required. If there is only one language for the event, then this parameter is optional.


Example Request and Response


content-type: application/json
content-language: en

{"content":"Five score years ago, a great ","lastPosition":30,"languageCode":"en"}
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