Using StreamText.Net to provide open captions for Facebook Live

Using StreamText.Net to provide open captions for Facebook Live


If you are looking for an easy to use solution for captioning Facebook live you have found it. However this method will not work with you Android or iPhone video sources. This method is an option when the video is produced with production software like Wirecast or Tricaster. For most broadcasts this is usually an option. The benefits of using this approach also ensures that the recording will also have captions.

We can also work directly with your customers to help work though the details. 


If your broadcast is using production software here are the options. 


  1. Use the StreamCast application - This option is easy and just requires the producer to install StreamCast. Once installed they will setup the window to the size and format they want to use. Then it is simple for them to create a layer for the video that will be the captions. They will have full control over the location and presentation.
  2.  Use a StreamText link - This option is great for Wirecast and dome other production platforms that can ingest a StreamText link. Here is an example of what you would provide. The customer can then tune the link to meet their specific needs.
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