New StreamText.Net updates and features

We are excited to announce a number of enhancements! Here is a quick overview of the updates we made. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us .

  • Direct support for the Zoom meeting platform. - Now you can send your realtime directly into zoom. See our support article for more details.
  • Enhanced YouTube Live support - After working with our users over the past few years we have developed the best possible support for YouTube. We now offer formatting of the output for YouTube that eliminates many of the formatting issues with YouTube Live captions. Now regardless of what captioning software you are using you can send realtime captions into YouTube that look great. For more details on the new options please check our support document .
  • Support for Right to Left Streaming - We now fully support multi-language broadcasts even with languages that stream Right to left.
  • Ability to set retain transcript for all events - Now you can set your organization to default to reading transcripts Depending on your customers the retention of the transcript can be a security issue. Just go to the organization profile and click on edit to set or deselect it. By default we do not retain your transcripts.
  • Events on Invoice - Now we have an events on invoice menu option that allows you to easily pull the events you have run by month. Just click on "Events on Invoice" and select the month you are looking for.
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