QuickStart guide for using automated captions

StreamText now has the ability to create captions directly from an audio source. It is very easy to use and allows you to have a backup option when a human captioner is not an option. This is machine generated captioning and not a claim that this caption service is ADA compliant and we make no claims that it is.

Pricing for the automated caption engine is listed here.


Set up a StreamText account

  1. Go to https://admin.streamtext.net/organizations/start . You will create an organization. When that is complete you should be looking at a Dashboard view. Screenshot_2022-12-09_at_9.23.36_AM.png
  2. Once you setup the account please email support@streamtext.net and let us know you have created your account and would like to enable the automatic captioner. 
  3. Once the asrwriter has been added to your staff you are ready to schedule a caption event.

How you are billed for the service. 

  • Cost for using automated captions. Automatic Captions Pricing
  • You are required to pay for the live event time. The status of the event is listed on the dashboard view when you login into admin.streamtext.net . You are billed by the minute for the time the event status is live. 
  • End your events when you are done to avoid extra cost. To end the event click on stop from the Dashboard view. The event will stop a the duration if the event is no longer generating text. However you may want to end it manually to avoid paying for extra minutes. 
    • Stopping the audio does not stop the event you need to stop it from the admin section admin.streamtext.net 
  • Invoices are sent out at the end of each month. You will be emailed a copy of the invoice and it will be posted in your account under the invoices menu at the bottom of the admin menu. 
  • Payment. Pay online with a credit card using our admin portal admin.streamtext.net . Note invoices are posted on the first or second of each month. 
    • Payment is due within 30 days of receiving the invoice
  • Credits are an exception. You are responsible for using the platform correctly and following our terms or service Terms of service. However if you do need a credit here are the details Requesting a credit  .

Steps to setup a automatic captioning event in StreamText

  1. Log into your  account on StreamText. You will need to have  your account activated to use the automatic caption feature. 
  2. Schedule event
    1. From the Dashboard view click on Schedule event.
    2. Enter an event name. This is the id that will be part of your caption URL.
    3. Set the writer to "ASR Writer". FYI If that is not available you will need to contact StreamText and have us enable your account. 
    4. Start time and Date - This will default to the current date and time. You can schedule events for the future but many times you will start events as needed. 
    5. Glossaries - This is a new update to help tune the captions to specific terms. To create a glossary just go to the glossary menu option. Click on add in the upper right hand coroner and enter the selected terms. You can create multiple glossaries. Once created you will be able to select them from the glossary drop down. 
    6. ASR Language - The default in English however you can use this feature to set the source language to one of 19 options. 
    7. Set Audio Options - Note this is the most important part for automatic captions. You will need to select between the browser audio, dial out or SIP . We have more detail on each option here https://streamtext.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024847851-Using-StreamText-Integrated-Audio . We recommend using the browser option initially which is what we will cover in this outline
  3. Click on create event at the bottom of the form - Once you have the audio settings and the ASR writer assigned you can schedule your StreamText event. Notice the status of the event will be live. We also recommend clicking on the Dashboard to get a better view of the events you have running. 
  4. Connect the audio. - Once the event is running you can connect the audio. Below is the detail for using the browser audio option.  
    1. Browser Option (to see details on the other options go to the audio instructions) - To use the browser audio you will check off that option under audio settings. Note if you are using Zoom or another meeting platform that can lock out the audio for the browser. So you may need to use another browser or open a new browser instance and not a new tab. 
      1. Click on the connect button : Make sure to select always allow microphone access when prompted.  Select the microphone input you want to use. 
      2. Click on Start Call : Usually you will use your default microphone settings. These should be set to pickup the audio you want to caption. 
  5. Click on Watch . To see your auto generated  captions click on the watch link  from the Dashboard view. Below the watch link is below the  event name on the Dashboard view. 
  6. Stop the event : When you are done using the event click on Stop from the Dashboard  view. This will stop the billing  cycle and end  the event. The stop link is next  to the event control. 






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